IMPORTANT Info for Gun Transfers, click here.

TO ALL: As the snow arrives, be safe in your travels!

We acknowledge all received e-mails usually within 24 hours.
Therefore, if you do not receive an acknowledgement, please call.



GUN TRANSFERS: As most of you know by now, I am in semi-retirement mode. When I go on hunting or other trips, I will have no one in the store to accept packages. The U. S. Postal Service will hold all packages for my return. However, FedEx may not. Therefore, it is EXTREMELY important for you to check with us before having a gun shipped. I realize this is a bit inconvenient for some of you; however, I have spent many years in business and would like to be able to go away now without being concerned about the store.

Please note that there are numerous occasions when the store is closed. It is strongly recommended that you call and make an appointment to be certain someone is there when you arrive. We are now utilizing an answering machine, so we should receive messages.

Feel free to email us via the contact page (click here).